Monday, April 18, 2011

Conquer us: An Evening Prayer

by Roger Ludwig

Tonight a hush fills my heart
as though Your finger
were pressed gently
to my lips.

Creed falls away,
debris of history
come and gone,
yet building,
like coral in the sea
toward Your kingless kingdom
where all conquerors will be conquered
by the touch of Your limitless love.

As I let go,
let go of everything
that is not You,
You alone,
hold me close,
guide my steps,
in the darkness of this world
that awakens each day
in forgetfulness of You.

Exiles in Babylon,
slaves in Egypt,
outcasts from the Garden
of Original Beatitude,
help us find our way back home
to this quiet, this calm,
this clearing in the night,
this luminous peace of Your presence.

Conquer us
with the touch
of Your boundless,
borderless love.


  1. Glad to see a post again. Hope you're doing well. You've been in our prayers.

  2. La oveja descarriada, pasaba por aqui y tambien te desea bien y pronta recuperacion. Sobre lo del otro asunto , no se si ire, es mucho $$$ para ver a mis colores queridos bien. Desde arriba,La Pulga se vera aun mas microscopica. La economia no esta mucho para extras. Veremos.