Friday, May 13, 2011

Sr. Teresa Forcades at presentation of "Queremos el pan y las rosas". Emancipación de las mujeres y cristianismo

Trying to keep our collection of Sr. Teresa Forcades appearances complete, here the Benedictine nun and theologian joins colleagues at the March 17, 2011 introduction of Lucía Ramón's new book "Queremos el pan y las rosas". Emancipación de las mujeres y cristianismo ["We want bread and roses": Women's liberation and Christianity]. Other videos available of Ms. Ramón of Cristianisme i Justícia, Victoria Camps, moral and political philosophy professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and Rafael Díaz-Salazar, sociology professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Sr. Teresa is speaking in Catalan (below); the others in Spanish.

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  1. Ay! Teresa, I think that you think too much. At least for me. Too many notes! As Emperor Joseph II, told Mozart, just because his brain couldn’t process them all.
    Sometimes her analyses are to dry for the common folk. Between men and women, all types of emotions and their dynamics are possible.
    One thing is machismo, the other thing is women that don’t love their man and pretend to control everything.
    To me one thing is the dynamics of romance and the other is the power play between two people. The latter one may happen between all kinds o relationships. Husband, wives, parents-children, friends, boss-employee, etc.

    Makes me wonder, why a woman so rich and deep in emotions and so aware of the needs of the heart and the soul, has sacrificed herself (theoretically) to be single and to a chaste life.
    Still…if she were to approach a relationship or marriage with such an analytical attitude to every stage and happening in her interrelation with a man, probably would scare him or bore him to death.
    She is Bible inspire. All kinds of inspirations may come to men from the Good Book. Still if she would have tried this discourse during the so religious Middle Ages, provably she would have been prosecuted by the Santo Oficio and deemed heretical or a witch, then she would have know the real meaning of the word: Machismo.

    Well. For simple hearted men…all the psychology needed is to be loved, even once in awhile we may throw a tantrum because we can get our way. ♦