Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From Facebook to Face to Face

Some readers of this blog know that I used to have a Facebook page. I have chosen to deactivate that page because it was consuming too much of my time that could be better spent on other activities, even online ones like this blog. I effectively "unfriended" everybody electronically, even my sister, so none of you need to take it personally. Those who were real life friends before Facebook know how to contact me through other means. Those who friended me on Facebook just to promote their causes or argue about Church doctrine...well, you'll have to find another electronic sparring partner.

My venture into FB began largely to humor one individual who was playing with a variety of social media to explore different venues for self promotion. He has a comfortable foothold on FB now and no longer needs this member of his supporting cast. I have found that the more I'm tempted by an electronic forum into self promotion and wanting to tell MY story, the less I have to usefully contribute to the public debate about the issues that matter. Ego takes over instead of common sense and moderation and I find myself spending more and more time in fruitless arguments with ideological opponents whom I will never persuade and who will never persuade me. The ego-driven urge to have the last word takes over and I end up taking time away from the activities and individuals who should be my priority.

So no more Facebook for now. There is such a thing as Facebook addiction and I would encourage all readers of this blog to examine their relationship to the social media. Like drug and alcohol addiction, if it is interfering with your sleep, your work, and your real life social and family relationships, it's time to remove yourself from your fix and choose life...a REAL, offline life.

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  1. I applaud you decision R.G….I think that we, many could go back to a “before F.B.” period time of communications, although one thing that F.B,. has been useful for me is to connect with some people, old friends, that I haven’t seen since High School. Still, you can, if you wish, you can continue the relationship by e-mail later, which also I’ve done with one of them.
    I have myself thought about leaving F.B. more than once, but I still use it but I can’t say that I am addicted to, I think… well…I am still thinking about it, one thing is certain…it takes time…and I have noticed that there are 3 types of users in F.B. those that use it sparingly and/or just use it as a tool for group communications, etc. Others that use it frequently to give us a “Piece of their mind” I may fall into this group, and the third group, the gamers…that oh boy !…every time that a chicken lays an egg or they need a nail for the barn in Farmville, the whole community ought to know it…
    Thanks for letting us know. J. ♦