Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sr. Teresa Forcades on "El Convidat"

I know you Teresa Forcades fans have been waiting for me to post the "El Convidat" ("The Guest") episode that aired Monday night where TV3 reporter Albert Om visits Sr. Teresa at her convent, Monestir San Benet in Montserrat, Spain. The episode, by the way, was a huge hit, attracting 732,000 viewers, or a 24.7% audience share.

While Om spends most of his time with Sr. Teresa, he also interviews other nuns in her community, and not just in order to ask them about Sr. Teresa. He and Sr. Teresa talk about everything from her notorious campaign against the swine flu vaccine to how she found her Benedictine vocation to how her fame has affected her relationship with her fellow nuns to her views on issues relating to the Catholic Church and sexuality.

This is probably the most intimate picture of Sr. Teresa we have had to date -- and not just because Om has persuaded her to show him her cell (bedroom). We get to see Sr. Teresa in her home environment, eating, praying, singing in choir during the hours. In addition to the interviews with the other nuns, there is a brief interview with a group of old friends of Sr. Teresa, who offer an inside view of a woman who, despite her frequent public appearances, is essentially a very private person.

The program offers a very beautiful and appealing image of monastic life and I wouldn't be surprised if Sr. Teresa's order were to receive numerous inquiries from potential candidates after it airs. While conservative Catholics often criticize her severely, Sr. Teresa has led other people back into the Church by putting a modern face on it. In one anecdote in the program, she tells of a woman who approached her on the street and said: "Teresa, thanks to you, I got married in the Church." Now, that's "new evangelism"!

PHOTOS: Amics i TV3 -- This is an album of photos from the filming this episode of "El Convidat"


  1. A prophetic woman living in a privileged monastery surrounded by an inspiring landscape! I saw the whole of the documentary.
    Sr.Teresa is one of the most skilled christian theologians. Her words, for me, have more authority than many bishops' teachings.

  2. Good to hear from you, Jordi. I think Sr. Teresa is a real gift to the Church and to religious life because she shows how the life can be attractive to a young professional woman, that being a nun isn't just for conservative older women with more piety than brains (the common stereotype of nuns which is, of course, completely false). I really enjoyed this program because Albert Om seems to have developed a good rapport with the whole community, not just Sr. Teresa. It casts all of them in a good light.