Monday, October 17, 2011

Where are they now?: Padre Chiqui

We have published multiple blog pieces on Padre José Ignacio Mantecón, better known as Padre Chiqui, the Spanish born Jesuit who became a Peruvian national and dedicated his life to working for the people of El Agustino, a poor gang-ridden neighborhood within Lima. Padre Chiqui is also unusual because he sports an earring and a tattoo of Martin Luther King, Jr., rides a motorcycle, and sings with a local band. He is the force behind a local annual music festival, AgustiRock, and a successful youth soccer league that was invited last year to come to Spain and play against the junior soccer league sponsored by Real Madrid.

2011 has brought renewed interest in Padre Chiqui. In May of this year, Padre Chiqui was awarded the Medalla de la Defensoria del Pueblo for his work. The Defensor del Pueblo's office produced a lovely video tribute to Padre Chiqui that they screened during the award ceremony.

And a new 3-part video interview with Padre Chiqui was produced this year:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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