Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Mystery of hope

by José Antonio Pagola (English translation by Rebel Girl)
Eclesalia Informativo
April 4, 2012

John 20: 1-9

To believe in the Risen One is to refuse to accept that our life is only a small parenthesis between two huge voids. Leaning on Jesus resurrected by God, we sense, we wish, and we believe that God is leading the longing for life, justice and peace that is within the heart of humanity and all of creation towards its true fullness.

To believe in the Risen One is to rebel with all our strength against the immense majority of men, women and children, who have only known misery, humiliation and suffering in this life, remaining forgotten forever.

To believe in the Risen One is to trust in a life where there will no longer be poverty or pain, no one will be sad, no one will have to cry. At last we will be able to see those who come on rafts reach their true homeland.

To believe in the Risen One is to draw near in hope to many people without health, the chronically ill, the physically and mentally disabled, people sunk in depression, tired of living and struggling. Some day they will know what it is to live in peace and full health. They will hear the Father's words: "Enter into the joy of your Lord forever."

To believe in the Risen One is not to resign ourselves to God always being a "hidden God" whose gaze, tenderness, and embraces we cannot know. We will find Him forever gloriously incarnated in Jesus.

To believe in the Risen One is to trust that our efforts for a more humane and blissful world will not be in vain. One happy day, the last will be first and the prostitutes will precede us in the Kingdom.

To believe in the Risen One is to know that everything that has been left half done, what has not been able to be, what we have spoiled through our clumsiness or our sin, everything will reach its plenitude in God. Nothing of what we have done out of love or renounced for love will be lost.

To believe in the Risen One is to hope that the happy times and the bitter experiences, the "prints" we have left on people and things, what we have built and enjoyed generously, will be transfigured. We will no longer experience the friendship that ends, the feast that comes to a close or the saddening farewell. God will be all in all.

To believe in the Risen One is to believe that one day we will hear those incredible words that the Book of Revelation puts in God's mouth: "I am the beginning and the end of everything. To the one who thirsts, I freely give from the spring of living water." There will no longer be death or tears, there will be no cries or tiredness because all those things will have passed away.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this meditation. I will probably share parts of this - in Spanish - with the people in the village of El Zapote de Santa Rosa where I will be leading the Easter Vigil and Easter Celebrations of the Word with Communion.