Thursday, May 24, 2012

Receive the Holy Spirit

by José Antonio Pagola (English translation by Rebel Girl)
Eclesalia Informativo
May 23, 2012

John 20:19-23

Little by little, we are learning to live without interiority. We no longer need to be in contact with the best that's within us. It's enough for us to be entertained. We are content to function without a soul and nourish ourselves only with bread. We don't want to expose ourselves to seek the truth. Come Holy Spirit and free us from the inner void.

We now know how to live without roots or goals. It's enough for us to let ourselves be programmed from outside. We move and stir ceaselessly, but we don't know what we want or where we're going. We are better and better informed, but we feel more lost than ever. Come Holy Spirit and free us from disorientation.

The great questions of existence hardly interest us. We aren't worried about being without light to face life. We have become more skeptical, but also more fragile and insecure. We want to be intelligent and lucid. Why don't we find calm and peace? Why does sadness visit us so often? Come Holy Spirit and free us from inner darkness.

We want to live more, live better, live longer, but live what? We want to feel well, feel better, but feel what? We seek to enjoy life intensely, get the most out of it, but we are not just content with having a good time. We do whatever we please. There are hardly any prohibitions or forbidden grounds. Why do we want something different? Come Holy Spirit and teach us to live.

We want to be free and independent, and we find ourselves ever more alone. We need to live and we shut ourselves in our little world, which is sometimes very boring. We need to feel loved and we don't know how to create lively and friendly contacts. We call sex, "love", and pleasure, "happiness", but who will quench our thirst? Come Holy Spirit and teach us to love.

There's no place in our life for God. His presence has been repressed or has atrophied within us. Full of inner noise, we can no longer hear His voice. Turned upside down by thousands of wants and feelings, we don't manage to perceive His nearness. We know how to talk to everyone except Him. We have learned to live with our backs turned to the Mystery. Come Holy Spirit and teach us to believe.

Believers and non-believers, believing little or wrongly, so we all make our pilgrimage often through life. In the Christian Feast of the Holy Spirit, Jesus is saying to all of us what he once said to His disciples, as He breathed His breath upon them, "Receive the Holy Spirit." That Spirit that sustains our poor lives and encourages our weak faith can penetrate us through ways it alone knows.

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