Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Book: "Converses amb Teresa Forcades"

Eulalia Tort, a young but already veteran religion reporter who works in media relations for Herder Editorial publishing house and has a program called ""Els signes dels temps" ("Signs of the times") on TV 3 in Catalonia, will be presenting her new book about theologian and doctor Sr. Teresa Forcades tomorrow.

The book, Converses amb Teresa Forcades ( "Conversations with Teresa Forcades" -- Ediciones Dau, 2012), is described as covering the main elements of Sr. Teresa's biography and includes "rigorous" interviews on subjects ranging from religious life to the pharmaceutical industry to church renewal to the excessive use of medication in modern society. The book also explores Sr. Teresa's views on the role of women, her critique of society, and her reflections on medicine and health.

A respected fellow religious journalist, Jesus Bastante, has already had a look at the book and given it a glowing review. He says:

"The book is much more than an insight into Forcades. Through her life and her thoughts we find many key points about the relationship between church and society, faith and reason, and about the role of women in the church and the world. Forcades talks about [Venezuelan President Hugo] Chávez and liberation theology, the Holy Trinity, Divine Providence, the difficult world of health care, the pharmaceutical industry, the need for renewal in the Church, the society we are building...A whole compendium of wisdom that is easy to read...Books like this one are necessary because they allow us to breathe freely and they prove that, despite self-imposed silences, there are still prophetic voices and brave hands capable of giving shape to them. With this book, Eulalia Tort has made the potter's mission her own."

For her part, Tort describes her book as "written by 6 hands" -- Teresa's, hers, and finally, her editor, Ton Barnils'. She calls Sr. Teresa "an exceptional woman whose intellectual rigor and honesty stand out. Her deep belief in the gospel leads her to a very lucid diagnosis of the state of our world. But she goes a step further since, beyond just making a diagnosis, she develops a series of proposals to respond, for example, to the abuses of the pharmaceutical industry, our profoundly unjust economic model, and a church that needs to be renewed."

Although the book is currently available only in Catalan, Bastante says there are plans underway to publish a Spanish version in September or October of this year.

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