Thursday, June 14, 2012

With humility and trust

by José Antonio Pagola (English translation by Rebel Girl)
Eclesalia Informativo
June 13, 2012

Mark 4:26-34

Jesus was very concerned that His followers would some day end up discouraged at seeing that their struggles for a happier and more humane world were not as successful as they had hoped for. Would they forget the Kingdom of God? Would they keep their trust in the Father? The most important thing is that they not forget how they have to work.

With examples drawn from the experience of the peasants in Galilee, He encourages them to always work realistically, patiently, and with great trust. It isn't possible to break a path to the Kingdom of God any which way. They have to pay attention to how He works.

The first thing they must know is that their job is to sow, not reap. They shouldn't be waiting for the outcome. They mustn't be worried about efficacy or immediate success. Their attention should be focused on sowing the Gospel well. Jesus' collaborators are to be sowers. Nothing more.

After centuries of religious expansion and vast social power, we Christians must recapture in the Church the humble act of the sower. Forget the logic of the harvester who always goes out to gather the fruits and get into the patient mindset of the one who sows a better future.

The beginnings of any crop are always humble. Even more so if it's sowing God's plan in human beings. The strength of the Gospel isn't anything spectacular or clamoring. According to Jesus, it's like sowing something as small and insignificant as a "mustard seed" that sprouts secretely in people's hearts.

Therefore, the Gospel can only be sown with faith. That's what Jesus wants to make them see with His little parables. God's plan to create a more humane world bears within it a salvific and transforming force that no longer depends on the sower. When the Good News of that God penetrates a person or a human group, something begins to grow there that flows beyond us.

In the Church, we don't know how to act in this new and unheard of situation in these times, amidst a society that is more and more indifferent to religious dogmas and moral codes. Nobody has the prescription. Nobody knows exactly what must be done. What we need to do is look for new paths with the humility and trust of Jesus.

Sooner or later, we Christians will feel the need to return to the essential. We will discover that only the force of Jesus can regenrate faith in the dechristianized society of our time. Then we will learn to humbly sow the Gospel as the beginning of a renewed faith, not transmitted by our pastoral efforts, but engendered by Him.

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