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Teresa Forcades takes on the HPV vaccine

Sr. Teresa Forcades, the Benedictine nun, theologian, and medical doctor, is perhaps better known for her positions on medical issues than theological ones. She became a media sensation after making a video in which she questioned the fear mongering associated with the Influenza A (H1N1) epidemic, as well as the moves to promote widespread use of the vaccine against the disease. The video, narrated in Forcades' usual reassuring and intelligent voice, became as viral as its subject matter.

Now, according to her friend, singer and blogger Lidia Pujol, Dr. Forcades is making a new medical video -- this time questioning the widespread promotion of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, especially for adolescent girls.

In the following interview last month (11/27/2012) with Javier Neira Valencia of, Dr. Forcades explains why "parents shouldn't put their daughters at risk through the HPV vaccine."

Doctor and Benedictine nun. This woman religious from the monastery of San Benet (Montserrat) who became famous for her criticism of the Influenza A vaccine has warned about the risks of the HPV vaccine, which caused the death a girl in Gijon in September.

Javier Valencia Neira: Why are you opposed to the HPV vaccine?

Teresa Forcades: It's unsubstantiated; it's only experimental. It's premature and dangerous to introduce it into the immunization schedule. Parents shouldn't put their daughters at risk through the HPV vaccine.

What are you basing that on?

I've made a video where I explain it. I cite some authors from Canada, from the University of British Columbia, where a few weeks ago they demonstrated a causal relationship between the HPV vaccine and the deaths of healthy girls.


Seventy percent of uterine cancers are caused by papillomavirus types 16 and 18. That's how it is in most countries of the world. But not in Spain. We're unique. They account for only 56%. We have seen that the vaccine is fully effective against viruses 16 and 18. So does it prevent at least 56% of the cases? Well, no. Logic is one thing and biology is something else. The rest is made up of eight other viral types. If you eliminate 16 and 18 through the vaccine, that ecological niche will be occupied by the rest, the other eight types of virus.

Even so...

This cancer takes 20-40 years to develop, so we won't know until 2026 if the vaccine prevents even one case of cancer. In any case, fewer than 41% would be prevented, fewer than half of the potential ones. That in terms of efficacy, because in terms of safety...

It's worse?

It's supposedly preventive for some 13 year-old girls for when they're over 50. In the North American vaccine registry we've seen that 60% of the adverse vaccination effects refer to the two HPV vaccines. And there are more than 35 vaccines. They should have 2% of the adverse effects but no, it's 60% -- hence the alarm. And of that 60%, 64% have suffered paralysis and even permanent disability. Eighty-two percent of deaths correspond to the two HPV vaccines, according to official data from the U.S. In the medical literature, such data is always multiplied tenfold because the registries are voluntary. So if the actual figures [are] 400 cases of permanent disability and 37 deaths, they would have to be multiplied by ten.

What's the denunciation based on?

A few weeks ago, the Canadians discovered the cause of the problem. Two girls aged 14 and 19, who were healthy, were vaccinated and died from brain swelling without a cause. To explain it, they did a new test and found vaccine antibodies in the inflamed tissue. They were victims of an autoimmune cerebral vasculitis. They found a profusion of Type 16 antibodies. It's a clear causal relationship.

What's the mechanism?

Through the vaccine, an antigen is introduced into the body. It's not an actual infection and the body doesn't pay much attention to it. Therefore an irritant is also introduced so that the immune system takes the invasion seriously. That irritant is made up of aluminum salts. Thus they manage to create ten times more antibodies than normal. Because aluminum is neurotoxic, it acts in the brain, so that the blood vessels become more permeable. The girls had edema, hemorrhaging, brain lesions and they died. Aluminum has been used for 90 years in vaccines, so they investigated again. They reviewed the tests and found a serious irregularity...


Tests are always double blind. One group is vaccinated and the other is given a placebo. Initially they saw that the side effects were the same in both groups. There wasn't a problem. But it has just been discovered that the control group wasn't injected with water, but with aluminum. That is, it was a pseudoplacebo.


Let's see: Merck Laboratories manufactures Gardasil, the HPV vaccine that's used in Spain. Well, in 1999, Merck put an anti-inflammatory on the market called Vioxx and five years later they had to withdraw it because it had produced more than 30,000 heart attacks and strokes. In the U.S., they were sentenced to a multi million dollar fine because it was shown that they knew. In previous studies, they saw that there were infarcts and they hid it. So my study is titled Crimes and Abuses of the Pharmaceutical Industry. From 2000 to 2003, the big pharmaceutical companies have been convicted in the criminal courts. Merck's fine was huge, but less than what they earned from that drug. This can not be. The conviction was in 2007 and here we are in 2012 with new suspicions.

You paint it darkly.

Even worse. Aluminum is neurotoxic and can cause lesions similar to those of Alzheimer's. They begin to vaccinate people at 65 against the flu with a vaccine containing aluminum. Thus, year after year, vaccine after vaccine. And when they reach 75, alas, it turns out that grandfather has Alzheimer's. It's that he's been poisoned for ten years; that's the problem.

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