Friday, March 8, 2013

Jose Antonio Pagola: "The Congregation has acknowledged that my book does not contain any proposition contrary to the faith"

by Jose Antonio Pagola (English translation by Rebel Girl)
Periodista Digital
March 8, 2013

I have received with satisfaction the final resolution from the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith about my book, Jesus: An Historical Approximation. On this occasion, I want to address those who have read my book or have closely followed the controversy raised over the past six years.

1. First of all, I want to say that I receive the decisions that have been taken about my book as a stimulus that reaffirms me in what, at present, is the only objective of my life: helping us men and women of today to better know the exciting personality of Jesus, to more enthusiastically welcome his plan to build a more humane world, and to more faithfully approach the mystery of hope that lies within him.

2. Those of you who have read my book may be interested to know, albeit in a concise manner, the major decisions taken by Rome. Regarding doctrinal matters, the Congregation acknowledges that my book does not contain any statement contrary to the faith, so it has not asked me to correct any doctrinal error or heretical statement. Regarding methodological issues, the Congregation makes various reflections about the purpose and nature of my book, and the relationship between faith and historical research. However, it has not deemed it necessary to ask me for a revision of the focus of my work or any correction in the methodology I use in my work.

3. What I have been asked, "in order to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings", is to introduce in future editions "modifications" suggested by myself, around five specific points. I have never hesitated to collaborate with this arrangement, since the only thing I wanted has always been for my book to continue sowing the Good News of Jesus. The new edition will be released soon.

4. At this time I want to give my deepest thanks to those of you who, over the years, have shown me in many ways your warmth and unconditional support. I have been moved to be able to read the experiences many of you have had on reading my book. You tell me that Jesus has radically changed your lives, that through it you have finally found a God who is Friend, that you have reaffirmed your faith, that you have committed yourselves to living in a more gospel-centered way ... Thank you all. You have made me feel that Jesus is alive in our midst.

5. Now I'm just looking towards the future. I want to live my last years working on what I consider the most urgent task in the Church today: returning to Jesus Christ as the only truth that we are allowed to live and the only force that can make us move towards a more evangelical Church at the service of a more humane world. I could not live otherwise.


  1. So what? Your book is freaking good. Why do you need their approval?
    Aún aqui, RG. Tratando de entender la vida, con las cosas que han quedado atras, las que quisiera fueran realidad, la monotonia de cada dia y las verdades y las mentiras de políticos y religiosos. Aún aqui RG. Respirando por algo que no se aún que es y suspirando por encontrar una revelació de Dios que nunca ha llegado en la vida.
    Con las palabras de salvación por la fe, nunca he tenido bastante. Quizas ese sea mi problema, como dice mi completamente indoctrinada y distante esposa, o quizas eso sea lo que Dios intenta que aceptemos. Que vivimos siempre "at the edge". En soledad.
    Un abrazo. J.

  2. Deo gratis!what a wondrous book Fr.Pagola wrote,along with his concise,magnificent meditation/ homilies,that are also published here weekly.Thanks RG!