Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Iglesia Descalza blog comments policy -- a reminder

I recently received a comment from someone who calls themselves "Concerned Catholic" (although this person has posted the same thing in many places on the Internet under a variety of different pseudonyms) containing a video which violates this blog's comments policy and which I therefore did not publish.

A reminder: We try to avoid publishing unsubstantiated and libelous allegations against individuals. Nothing in the video attached to "Concerned Catholic"'s comment suggested that it was credible, There was no evidence in the video to substantiate the narrator's allegations that he is the "nephew" of the person about whom he is speaking, nor anything in the video to substantiate the accusations being made against the subject of the video. One never even sees the narrator's face and it's easy to tell that the voice in the video is computer-generated. In fact, the individual who produced the video has made and posted on YouTube multiple videos on the same subject using a variety of computer-generated voices.

And now to "Concerned Catholic" and/or the individual who uploaded the videos to YouTube: If you have real evidence that a crime has been committed -- and individuals who are willing to testify to such -- please do bring that to the attention of law enforcement authorities in your country. We are as concerned as you are with ridding the Church of clergy who abuse their positions of authority and seeing them brought to justice, but we are not willing to participate in illegal defamation campaigns by people who don't even have the courage to give their real names. I would also advise other bloggers to clear their blogs of these sorts of comments as well.

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