Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Mystery of Goodness

by José Antonio Pagola (English translation by Rebel Girl)
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May 26, 2013

John 16:12-15

Throughout the centuries, theologians have endeavored to investigate the mystery of God by delving conceptually into His nature and setting out their conclusions in different languages. But often, our words conceal more than reveal His mystery. Jesus doesn't speak much about God. He simply offers us his experience.

Jesus calls God "Father" and experiences Him as a mystery of goodness. He experiences Him as a good Presence that blesses life and attracts His sons and daughters to fight against what harms human beings. For him, this ultimate mystery of reality that we believers call "God" is a close and friendly Presence who is making way in the world to build -- with us and beside us -- a more humane life.

Jesus never separates this Father from his plan to transform the world. He can't think of him as someone locked in his unfathomable mystery, his back turned to the suffering of his sons and daughters. Therefore, he asks his followers to be open to the mystery of this God, to believe in the Good News of his plan, to unite ourselves with him to work for a more just and blessed world for all, and to always seek for his justice, his truth and his peace to prevail more and more among us.

On the other hand, Jesus experiences himself as "Son" of this God, born to boost on earth the humanizing project of the Father and to carry it to its definitive fullness above even death. So, at every moment he seeks what the Father wants. His faithfulness to him leads him to always look for what is good for his sons and daughters. His passion for God is translated into compassion for all who suffer.

So, the entire existence of Jesus, the Son of God, consists of healing life and alleviating suffering, defending victims and demanding justice for them, sowing gestures of kindness, and offering everyone God's mercy and gratuitous forgiveness -- the salvation that comes from the Father.

Finally, Jesus always acts when impelled by the "Spirit" of God. It's the Father's love that sends him to proclaim to the poor the Good News of his saving plan. It's the spirit of God that moves him to heal life. It's his saving force that is manifested in his whole prophetic career.

That Spirit will not be extinguished in the world when Jesus is absent. He himself promised it to his disciples. The force of the Spirit will make them witnesses to Jesus, Son of God, and collaborators in the saving plan of the Father. This is how we Christians live the mystery of the Trinity in practice.

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