Friday, June 21, 2013

Who is he to us?

by José Antonio Pagola (English translation by Rebel Girl)
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June 23, 2013

Luke 9:18-24

The scene is known. It happened near Caesarea Philippi. The disciples have been accompanying Jesus a while now. Why are they following him? Jesus wants to know their idea of him: "Who do you say that I am?". This is also the question we Christians of today must ask. Who is Jesus to us? What's our concept of him? Do we follow him?

Who is he for us, this Prophet from Galilee, who hasn't left any writings behind, but rather witnesses? It's not enough that we call him "the Messiah of God". We must continue taking steps along the way opened by him, lighting the fire he wanted to ignite in the world. How can we talk so much about him without feeling his thirst for justice, his wish for solidarity, his desire for peace?

Have we learned from Jesus to call God "Father", trusting in his unconditional love and infinite mercy? It's not enough to recite the "Our Father." We must bury forever the sacred ghosts and fears that stir in us sometimes, distancing us from him. And we must free ourselves from the many false gods and idols that make us live like slaves.

Do we worship in Jesus the Mystery of the Living God, incarnate among us? It's not enough to confess his divine condition through abstract formulas, alienated from life and unable to touch the hearts of today's men and women. We must discover though his actions and words, the God who is Friend of life and human beings. Isn't that the best news we can communicate today to those who are seeking ways to meet him?

Do we believe in the love Jesus preached? It's not enough to repeat his commandment again and again. We must always keep alive his concern to move towards a more fraternal world, promoting creative and supportive love towards the neediest. What would happen if someday the energy of love would move the hearts of the faiths and the people's initiatives?

Have we listened to Jesus' commandment to go out into the world to heal? It's not enough to preach his miracles. Today we too have to heal life as he did, alleviating suffering, giving dignity back to the lost, curing wounds, welcoming sinners, touching the outcast. Where are his gestures and words of hope to the defeated?

If Jesus used fiery words to condemn the injustice of the powerful of his time and the lies of the Temple religion, why don't we, his followers, rise up in the face of the destruction of so many thousands of human beings brought down by hunger, malnutrition and our neglect?

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