Friday, November 8, 2013

Each one's decision

by José Antonio Pagola (English translation by Rebel Girl)
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November 10, 2013

Luke 20:27,34-38

Jesus didn't devote himself to talking a lot about eternal life. He doesn't try to fool anyone by giving fanciful descriptions of life beyond death. Nonetheless, his whole life awakens hope. He lives alleviating suffering and freeing people from fear. He spreads total trust in God. His passion is to make life more humane and happy for all, as the Father of all wants it.

Only when a group of Sadducees approaches him with the idea of ridiculing faith in the resurrection, the conviction that sustains and inspires his whole life springs from Jesus' believer's heart: "he is not God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive."

His faith is simple. It's true that we cry for our loved ones because, at death, we have lost them here on earth, but Jesus can't even imagine that all these children of God who He loves so much are dying on Him. It can't be. God is sharing His life with them because He has received them into His unfathomable love.

The most worrisome feature of our time is the crisis of hope. We have lost the vista of an ultimate Future and the small hopes of this life don't end up comforting us. This hope void is generating loss of confidence in life in quite a few. Nothing is worth the effort. Total nihilism is easy then.

Aren't these times of despair calling us, believers and nonbelievers, to ask ourselves the most radical questions we have within us? Is not this God who many doubt, who quite a few have abandoned, and who many are still asking about, the ultimate foundation on which we can base our radical trust in life? At the end of all paths, at the bottom of all our yearnings, within our questions and struggles, might it not be God as the ultimate Mystery of salvation the one we are searching for?

Our faith remains there, cornered somewhere inside us like something of little importance that isn't worth the bother to care for nowadays. Is that how it is? Certainly it isn't easy to believe, and not believing is hard. Meanwhile, the ultimate mystery of life is asking us for a lucid and responsible response.

That response is the decision of each one of us. Do I want to wipe from my life any ultimate hope beyond death as a false illusion that doesn't help us to live? Do I want to remain open to the ultimate Mystery of existence, trusting that there we will find the answer, the acceptance and the fulfillment that we are seeking as of now?

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