Friday, January 24, 2014

Something new and good

by José Antonio Pagola (English translation by Rebel Girl)
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January 26, 2014

Matthew 4:12-23

The first writer who included the actions and message of Jesus summed it up by saying that Jesus proclaimed the "Good News of God." Later, the other evangelists used the same Greek word (euangélion) and express the same conviction -- in the God proclaimed by Jesus, people found something "new" and "good." Is there still something in that gospel that can be read in the midst of our indifferent and skeptical society as something new and good for the men and women of our day? Anything that can be found in the God proclaimed by Jesus and not easily provided by science, technology or progress? How is it possible to live the faith in God today?

In the Gospel of Jesus we believers meet a God from whom we can feel and experience life as a gift that has its origin in the ultimate mystery of reality that is Love. For me, it's good not to feel I'm alone and lost in existence, neither in the hands of fate or chance. I have Someone who I can thank for life.

In the Gospel of Jesus we find a God who, despite our blunders, gives us strength to defend our freedom without ending up slaves of some idol, to not always live halfheartedly or be "scroungers", to keep learning new and more humane ways to work, enjoy ourselves, suffer and love. For me, it's good to be able to count on the strength of my tiny faith in that God.

In the Gospel of Jesus we find a God who awakens our responsibility to not become disengaged from others. We can't do great things but we know we have to contribute to a more dignified and happier life for all, thinking particularly of the needy and helpless. For me, it's good to believe in a God who often asks me what I'm doing for my brothers and sisters.

In the Gospel of Jesus we have a God who helps us to glimpse that evil, injustice and death do not have the last word. Someday everything that could not exist here, what has been left half done, our greatest hopes and our deepest desires will achieve their fulfillment in God. It's good for me to live and await my death with this confidence.

Certainly, each of us has to decide how we want to live and how we want to die. Everyone must listen to their own truth. For me, believing in God isn't the same as not believing in Him. It's good for me to be able to make my journey through this world feeling accepted, strengthened, forgiven and saved by the God revealed in Jesus.

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