Thursday, February 13, 2014

No to war among ourselves

by José Antonio Pagola (English translation by Rebel Girl)
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February 16, 2014

Matthew 5:17-37

The Jews spoke proudly of the Law of Moses. According to tradition, God Himself had given it to His people. It was the best thing they had received from Him. In this law, the will of the One True God was encapsulated. There they could find everything they needed to be faithful to God.

For Jesus, the Law is important too but it no longer occupies the main place. He lives and communicates a different experience: The Kingdom of God is coming. The Father is seeking to open a way among us to make a more humane world. It's not enough for us to stick with keeping the Law of Moses. We need to open ourselves to the Father and work with Him to make a more just and fraternal life.

Therefore, according to Jesus, it's not enough to fulfill the law that commands "Thou shalt not kill." It's necessary also to uproot from our lives aggressiveness, disregard for others, insults and vengeance. The one who doesn't kill, fulfills the law, but if he doesn't free himself from violence, that God who seeks to build a more humane world with us still doesn't reign in his heart.

According to some observers, language is spreading in today's society that reflects the growth of aggressiveness. Increasingly frequent are the offensive insults uttered only to humiliate, despise, and wound. Words born of rejection, resentment, hatred, and revenge.

Moreover, conversations are often woven with unjust words that condemn and sow suspicion. Words spoken without love or respect, that poison coexistence and cause harm. Words almost always born of irritation, pettiness and meanness.

This is not an event that occurs only in social life. It is also a serious problem in the Church today. Pope Francis suffers when he sees divisions, conflicts and confrontations of  "Christians at war against other Christians." It's a state of affairs so contrary to the Gospel that he has felt the need to address an urgent call to us: "No war among ourselves."

So the Pope says: "It hurts to see how in some Christian communities, and even among consecrated persons, we consent to various forms of hatred, slander, defamation, revenge, jealousy, desire to impose our own ideas at any cost, and even persecution that seems like a relentless witch hunt. Who are we going to evangelize with that behavior?" The Pope wants to work for a Church in which "everyone can admire how you take care each other, how you give each other mutual encouragement, and how you accompany one another."

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