Friday, March 7, 2014

From Catholic priest to married (gay) man

MDZ Online (English translation by Rebel Girl)
February 20, 2014

Andrés Gioeni, a former priest from Mendoza (Argentina), has launched a new book in which he mixes his experience as a gay man with his theological knowledge, Tanto amor desperdiciado. De cómo ser cristiano y homosexual sin morir en el intento ("So much wasted love: How to be Christian and homosexual without dying in the attempt"). Gioeni who, in addition to writing, is an actor and who announced his marriage to Luis, his partner for the last decade, to MDZ a few days ago, has made his "child" available free to readers over the Internet.

Gioeni first gained notoriety for leaving the priesthood on publicly acknowledging his homosexuality. Then he did it again when he sent MDZ an "open letter to Pope Francis" that transcended boundaries and which he later sent by regular post to the Vatican and reiterated in a larger form, still without response. It's precisely his two letters to Jorge Bergoglio that open the work.

This alumnus of the Marists and Martin Zapata [Commercial School] today gives interviews to the most important newspapers of the world from his position as a former priest who left the priesthood and married his same-sex partner. He wants to provoke the Vatican to bring itself up to date. And he doesn't stop.

The actor and writer became so taken with the Argentine pope when the latter, on his return to Italy from Brazil, said to reporters on the Alitalia flight "who am I to judge a homosexual person?", that he dedicates his new book "To Francis, in whom my hope for a renewal of the faith rests." Of course, the book is also dedicated to Luis whom he will marry in March in Buenos Aires [Translator's note: According to Gioeni's Facebook page, the two have now tied the knot]: "To Luis, in whom love came out to meet me."

He has moved away from religious life, but not from religion. At the beginning of the book he quotes a phrase from Saint John of the Cross: "In the evening of life, we will be judged on love alone."

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