Monday, March 10, 2014

RCWP Olga Lucia Álvarez featured on Caracol's "Los Informantes"

Colombian Roman Catholic woman priest Olga Lucia Álvarez has been featured in a long segment on Caracol TV's "Los Informantes." Titled "La Novicia Rebelde" ("The Rebel Novice"), the broadcast mainly features Rev. Olga celebrating Mass with her community, baptizing a baby, and speaking about the history and role of women priests.

The broadcast also includes clips from the recent ordination of Colombia's first Afro-Colombian woman priest, Rev. Marina Teresa Sanchez Mejia, last month in Sarasota, Florida, interviews with Rev. Marina Teresa and with Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan who performed the ordination, and contrasting clips of the institutional Roman Catholic Church, which appears very remote from the people compared to the women priests. Monsignor Daniel Falla, a spokesperson for the Colombian Bishops' Conference, gets to defend the Church's stance against women's ordination which he does mainly by relying on the argument that women can't be priests because priests have to represent Christ and Christ was male. And in spite of women priests' rejection by the official Church, the program also shows Rev. Olga speaking favorably about Pope Francis.

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  1. The barefoot Church welcomes the ministry of these women, no doubt, after a history of being oppressed by the male black leather shoes for so long. What a delight to see!