Thursday, November 20, 2014

Women's Ordination Worldwide Third International Conference - 2015

Registration is now open for Women's Ordination Worldwide's Third International Conference, September 18-20, 2015, at the Marriott Downtown in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the theme "Gender, Gospel, & Global Justice". Invited speakers include RCWP Bishop Patricia Fresen, Sr. Teresa Forcades i Vila, Kristina Keneally, Asra Nomani, Sr. Mary John Mananzan, Kate Kelly, Tina Beattie, Jamie Manson, Christina Rees, Sr. Theresa Kane, Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Fr. Roy Bourgeois, Barbara Blaine, Paul Collins, Mary E. Hunt, and Sr. Maureen Fiedler. Is that a cool line-up or what?

Anyway, the cost of the conference is $275 if you register before April 15, 2015. This does not include hotel accommodations which must be arranged and paid for separately. Click here to register online for this very special event.

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