Friday, June 5, 2015

LGBT ties don't defeat, but support marriage

By Juan Masiá Clavel, SJ (English translation by Rebel Girl)
Vivir y pensar en la frontera Blog
June 1, 2015

The result of the Irish referendum, in which support for the recognition of marriage equality prevailed, has raised concern and sadness among those who believe it means a defeat for the defense of the marriage institution.

Rather we should say the opposite: it is not a defeat or a threat to the institution of marriage but a source of support.

There are also those who reluctantly accept civil recognition of homosexual unions, but would impose the condition of not calling them marriages or equating them with heterosexual marriage.

(There are also those who force the argument, playing with the etymologies of "matrimony", "patrimony" etc ... We don't know whether it would reassure them to speak of "spousal ties" in both cases).

In any case, those who insist, rightly, on "doing everything possible to defend, protect and promote the institution of marriage and the family," should be reassured, because equal ties don't threaten but precisely support the institution of marriage by stressing social and legal formalization of the ties, rather than reducing them to the private sphere of more or less stable domestic partnerships.

It has been diagnosed, in the context of the so-called culture of temporariness, that divorce is increasing, as well as the lack of interest in socially and legally formalizing unions which are reduced to domestic partnerships with questionable stability. Precisely in this context, LGBT couples' interest, desire and demand for social, legal and cultural (which could and should also be religious) recognition of their marital unions, is significant.

As we have seen (in previous posts looking towards the Synod of Bishops), the Catholic definition of marriage as "a community of life and love open to life" could be applied to both heterosexual and non-heterosexual couples.

The biblical view expressed in the mythopoetic narrative of the primordial couple is mutual recognition as a "worthy partner." The parties promise one another faithfulness to "accompany each other on the road to building an intimate community of life and love that makes two people one."

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