Friday, June 12, 2015

Small seeds

by José Antonio Pagola (English translation by Rebel Girl)
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June 14, 2015

Mark 4:26-34

We are drowning in bad news. Radio and television stations, news bulletins and reports dump an avalanche of news about hatred, war, hunger, and violence on us, scandals great and small. The "sensationalism sellers" don't seem to find anything more noteworthy on our planet.

The incredible velocity with which the news is spread leaves us stunned and disconcerted. What can one do in the face of so much suffering? We are better and better informed about the evil that is plaguing humankind and we feel more and more powerless to confront it.

Science wants to convince us that the problems can be solved with more technological power and has thrown us all into a gigantic organization and rationalization of life. But this organized power isn't in the hands of people but in structures now. It has become an "invisible power" beyond the reach of any individual.

So our temptation to feel inhibited is great. What can I do to make society better? Aren't politicians and religious leaders the ones who have to promote the changes needed to move towards a more dignified, humane, and happy coexistence?

It isn't so. In the gospel, there's a call directed at everyone to sow small seeds of a new humanity. Jesus isn't talking about big things. The Kingdom of God is something very humble and modest at the root. Something that could pass as unnoticed as the smallest seed, but that is called to grow and bear fruit in unexpected ways.

Perhaps we need to learn to value little things and small gestures again. We aren't called to be heroes or martyrs every day, but we are all invited to put a bit more dignity in every corner of our little world. A friendly gesture to the bewildered one, a welcoming smile to a lonely person, a sign of closeness to someone who's starting to despair, a little ray of joy in a burdened heart...they aren't big things. They're small seeds of the Kingdom of God that we can all sow in a sad and complex society that has forgotten the charm of simple and good things.

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