Saturday, July 14, 2018

Save the Date: 3rd Continental Theology Conference - Amerindia

This conference will be in Spanish and this year's theme is "The Cries of the Poor and the Earth Challenge Us / 50th Anniversary of the Medellin Conference". Additional information in Spanish can be found on the conference web site.

  Date: August 30 - September 2, 2018

Place: Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas – UCA, Bulevar Los Próceres, Antiguo Cuscatlán, La Libertad, San Salvador, El Salvador

Registration: Registration fee is $100 regular / $70 theology students. You can register electronically on the conference web site and pay your fee via PayPal. See that page for what to do if you don't have a PayPal account.

Accommodations: Conference organizers have compiled a list of hotels all within a 20-minute walk from the university. Participants must make own lodging arrangements. Most hotel room rates include breakfast.


Thursday August 30
  • 7:30 Accreditation and materials distribution
  • 8:30 Spirituality Moment - Amerindia El Salvador
  • 9:00 Opening - UCA Rector Andreu Oliva and Amerindia Continental Coordinator Socorro Martínez Maqueo
  • 10:30 Snack break
  • 11:00 Testimony of Cecilio de Lora
  • 11:30 Generating memory of Medellin - Pablo Bonavia
  • 12:15 Contributions of participants
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 14:30 Workshops (choose one 2-day workshop and an alternate when you register):
    1. New church ministeries for a new model of Church - Serena Noccetti and José Antonio de Almeida
    2. Youth for a different possible world in an outgoing church - Carlos Eduardo Cardozo and Francisco Bosch
    3. The PanAmazonic cry demands a new face of the church - Mauricio López and Roberto Malvezzi
    4. Present and future of the option for the poor, CEBs, and liberation theology - Geraldina Céspedes and Manoel Godoy
    5. Communication for the encounter culture in the digital era - Susana Nuin and Oscar Elizalde
    6. Synodality: source of inspiration for the way of the Church in Latin America and the Caribbean - Victor Codina and Maria José Caram
    7. The criminalization of the poor and victims of violence in Latin America and the Caribbean - Benjamin Schwab and the UCA Team
    8. Lay men and woman: strength and hope of the Church in the world - Cesar Kuzma and Alejandro Ortiz
    9. Mysticism: force that pushes joy and hope in the midst of conflict - Rosa Ramos
    10. Justice and prophethood in the most unequal continent - Juan Hernández Pico
    11. Migration and human trafficking - Maura Verzeletti and Carmela Gibaja
    12. The cry of the earth and whole ecology - Tania Avila Meneses and Afonso Murad
    13. Inside the system - Mons. Reginaldo Andrietta and Juan Luis Hernández
    14. History workshop on Medellin - CEHILA
  • 16:00 Break
  • 16:30 Cultural time - Teatro del Azoro
  • 18:00 Global analysis of the current Latin American and Caribbean moment - Elio Gasda
  • 19:30 Questions
  • 19:45 Return to lodging

Friday August 31
  • 8:30 Spirituality Moment - Amerindia El Salvador
  • 9:00 Testimony of Maria López Vigil
  • 9:30 Address: Cries and resistance of the poor since Medellin - Francisco Aquino Junior
  • 10:15 Contributions of participants
  • 10:30 Snack break
  • 11:00 The Medellin event from a historical perspective - Silvia Scatena
  • 11:45 The Latin American episcopate and its difficult propehtic mission since Medellin - Rodolfo Cardenal
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 14:30 Workshops (same as on August 30)
  • 16:00 Break
  • 16:30 Young Theologians Panel: "50th Anniversary of Medellin: What are our dreams now?"
  • 18:00 Testimony of Roberto Malvezzi
  • 18:30 Address: From Medellin to Laudato Si' - Leonardo Boff
  • 19:30 Questions
  • 19:45 Return to lodging

Saturday September 1
  • 8:30 The legacy of the martyrs - Jon Sobrino and Martha Zechmeister
  • 9:15 Contributions of participants
  • 9:30 Pilgrimage organized by the UCA Teaching Team: Crypt of Mons. Romero, home of Mons. Romero, Hospital chapel (where Mons. Romero was killed), the UCA martyrs
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 14:30 Testimony of Rogelio Ponseele
  • 15:00 The strength of the little ones in the Bible - Elsa Tamez
  • 15:45 Contributions of participants
  • 16:00 Break
  • 16:30 The strength of the little ones in the experience of women since Medellin - Pilar Aquino
  • 17:15 Contributions of participants
  • 18:00 Cultural time - Yolocamba I Ta
  • 19:45 Return to lodging

Sunday September 2
  • 8:30 Spirituality Moment - Amerindia El Salvador
  • 9:00 Liberating mysticism: urgency of the essential for the task of Christians today - Maria Clara Lucchetti de Bingemer
  • 10:00 Contributions of participants
  • 10:30 Snack break
  • 11:00 Structural changes for a poor church committed to the poor - Carlos Schickendantz
  • 12:00 Contributions of participants
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 14:30 Closing: Proposals from this Conference for the future of Christians in Latin America and the Caribbean - Manoel Godoy and Paola Polo
    Message from Gustavo Gutiérrez

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